Tuesday, May 19, 2009

holy bike balls.

I built a bike. I am too lazy to take a good photo of it...but its wonderful and i have learned a ton. I feel alive on my bike. And going to the gym blows so I like to ride my bike until my back is burning. It took me two weeks to take it apart and put it all together. oh and some $$$. The guys at Ben's sorta helped me. When I walked in and said I did not know anything, I think they thought they could sell me the $250 Deep V's. But I had done my homework and knew that I was not going to get bent over today. Yes, I didn't know shit. I was not going to spend all my hard earned money on some wheels I would not be using to the best of their ability. So I bought the cheaper ones, and they helped me. It turned out to be a good experience. I had bought a cheaper Peugeot from a funny guy in South Milwaukee. He was a character...bill was his name. A good dude. He had bought the bike for his wife in the 80's. She never rode it. I took it home and promptly started taking it apart.

I love my bike and its so much more rewarding knowing that I put it all back together...with a little help from these guys.