Thursday, August 11, 2011

i'm back..again.

Maybe if I had a iPhone I would post more stuff? I have done so many project since the last very boring post.

Me and James just got back from a little over a week in the UK. It was my first time there and I liked it. The food was so-so...and its not the most healthy, but I had a blast. Europe is sure different than the states. Its been a long time since I had been somewhere my money was no good.

I liked London and I could see us living there. It just so happened that the kids are feeling feisty at the moment, and have taken it upon themselves to do some rioting. It was 4 days in when we left yesterday. Many people had been wounded and hurt. Its just for fun at this point. There is no reason to do this. Its pretty sad. Every night we were watching it on TV and it pulled at your heart. Working peoples homes, cars and businesses getting looted.

Well now that I have my passwords changed, there will be more creative coming back to this blog. Part of me wanted to start a new one, but most of me...just decided to keep this one. Look for new stuff soon.