Friday, February 20, 2009

I don't even send cards....

but I am making some. And they are cute. Me and Lora had the first crafters anonymous meeting last night. And we made embroidery cards. It didn't cost much...(it was hard getting out of Michaels cheap tho) and they were pretty easy. And for some reason today, I can't stop making them. I go through fazes where I am totally into one project and it gives me joy...until I over-do it and then I forget how much joy it brought me and I am on to the next project. Kinda like my drinking. weird.


Loralu said...


I'm totally into embroidery now. Crafters Anonymous...I like it!

Ummm...wait, did you make pork chop at work!?

kula said...

I totally did. I started it last night and finished it today at work. I have started on another one already, it says 'bitchin'...and I have one ready that says 'you're rad'. I may just have to give you that one. maybe these need frames? :)

Loralu said...

What if we made some cross-stitched framed wall art!? Combine the traditional designs with funny sayings. Kinda like this: