Wednesday, March 18, 2009

that one day....

march, 15th 1998

I decided on this day that I would no longer use alcohol to make me feel better. And every year I celebrate this, with an anniversary. For the last 8 or so years it includes Sushi and the local strip bar. I have carried this tradition with me from state to is usually the people that are closest with me...this year the posse included James, Lora, Jenny h, Tracy, Todd, Bill E., Joshie, Margret, Addie, Clayton, and me. We had a nice time at dinner, lots of sushi eaten. Thank you for dinner, lover.

I got the most wonderful cake made for me. James had it made. My nick-name is Pork Chop. The cake was so fun.

Then we were off to the strip bar. And the story is going to end there. The people who went know how much fun was had! What up VIP, bitches.

I Love you all for celebrating with me.