Saturday, December 13, 2008

digging deep

I have been working on drawing this kids book for the last couple of months now. It has been fun and stressful at the same time. I have had days where the drawings just come flowing like water, and other days when I cant quite get the proportions correct and I spend more time erasing than I do drawing. And then there are times when i don't want to draw at all, like i doubt my ability. I think I have it inside, but its sometimes really hard to find.

I want to do other stupid shit with my time. Then two weeks have past, and i am still not feeling very creative. I have this wonderful set up in my house to be doing projects and i have not been using it. I told myself i wanted to make all these fun gifts for xmas and i have not made anything and i am leaving for Oregon in less than two weeks...shit.

So what do I do? I need some creative juices flowing. My friend Jenny said that there are girls in Milwaukee getting together under the name wemakeshit - I am very interested in this. Sometimes its hard to find other people that have similar interests as In Oregon everyone has some project or something going on, but i have been hard pressed to find people here with the drive and creativity. It seems like it gets drowned by the Pabst, sometimes?

I mean don't get me wrong I have some friends that are very creative. My friend Lora always produces the most amazing things, and I have two friends named Jenny H. both of them are amazing artists. And they blow my mind with the work they have put out. I am inspired by these people along with the ones that don't even know they are creative, like the way James makes the most amazing latte art on my coffee in the morning, or the way people people express themselfs through what they wear.

I have to dig deep to find these things and sometimes I can see it everyday- all the time.

thanks, now i am gonna go do something creative.


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swan toy said...

Yes keep the inner spark going as long as you can... yet i've noticed even when the light's out the creative room of conciousness may just be getting larger and the light rays filling touching consuming... so patience and noticing is key.