Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008, you were pretty good to me.

Things I am grateful for in 2008. in no order.

• I am just celebrated my 10Th sober nye.
• my mom's health is still pretty good.
• I still love the job I go to everyday.
• I have a boyfriend that care very much for.
• I have realized that people are not anyways what they show on the outside, and in turn they can tell you things you should change and not do those thingsthemselves.
• I am learning about how NOT to have expectations.
• I have a wonderful friend Claire who has come back into my life.
• Leon the cat is doing great.
my sponsor bill is great.
• I don't need anything.
• I have started riding a bike, and it makes me feel good.
• I still have hope in living in Portland at some point, but have just turned that shit over.
• I still have all my teeth.
• I have a great small group of people in my life that know me, and judge me very little. :)
• Rett has come into my life and let me draw this great book, and paid me for it.
• I feel safe.
• I can trust women, even if they are crazy.
• My home is great.
• I have lots of good memories from this year: riot fest, starting my book, someone leaving my life- so that opened me up to new friends, b&l's Halloween party, going to NYC for the first time, growth with some amazing people, seeing my friend James change so much, Sundays at beans, my mom and i really making changes in the way we relate...and a ton of other good stuff.

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grace said...

Many blessings may you touch make love to and live all your loving, beautiful, wild, intentions!