Thursday, January 8, 2009

hell yes, let's...

I spend some of my waking time reading blogs. I needed to blog about one that I read today. Its pretty much summing up most of what is great with the world. in a nutshell.

The super details are not really needed: A girl & her dog - who have been living out of their van for the last year, are back home in Portland after traveling around finding herself. She made a divorce final and she left her wedding ring in the tip jar at a coffee house in the NE of Portland. Anonymously.

Her quote" Speaking of amazing tips, a lucky barista in NE Portland clocked out of her shift last week and rode her fixed gear bike home while wearing my wedding ring, which I uncerimoniously and anonymously removed from my right hand and tossed in the tip jar. And I didn't even force her to listen to me talking about the damn rain."

She is staying with friends now. I love people.

I think that I need to hear more about peoples self-less doings to make me realize that i get the most joy in the world helping others. And regardless of how I am doing, I need to put my stuff aside and take a backseat to someones pain and/or happiness. It feels good. Every time. All the time.

that's it.


caroline grace said...

i love this!

B said...

Its true, that stuff you said B. Its funny because in historical Italian writing this idea of helping others for the greatest personal happiness, is everywhere. Funny that it took me so long to figure it out even a little bit.