Wednesday, June 17, 2009

feeling inspiration

We just got back from three lovely days in NYC. I feel a little uneasy sitting in my cube. I have spoke before about how I feel like my creative juices stop flowing in wisco. I have to go out and look for it, and search out other people who inspire. When we were in NY, I saw it everywhere. From the silly boots the women are wearing, the subway tiles, on coney island, Brooklyn flea, amazing coffee shops, fun bikes, union square madness, silly diners and the people. Wow, the people. Whoever said the people that live in NY are assholes, was possibly just an asshole. I met some amazing people, people who look you in the eye when you are speaking with them. I feel as tho I am a good judge of character, and I met some great characters.

So I feel inspired. I want to cut things out, glue things, make things...shiny things...dull flat black things...I want to see things float and tear apart my clothes, just to make new ones. I think maybe its time to live someplace I have never been. The problem is I work. I have bills to pay, so having a job is important.

I know I will be missing James when he leaves and this is a great opportunity for him. I also feel like the love we have is strong, and can withstand a ton. We fought so hard to make this work, when it felt everything was against us in the beginning. And now we have a strong connection. I can feel it.

photos coming soon. i pinkie swear.

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swan said...

Your amazing, and it's all gonna work out, love adventure and realizing all dreams real. Looking forward to the photos!