Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Really...this time. Not a fake out move. I am really leaving Milwaukee. 6.5 years in a city that was never even on the radar. Its been amazing. I have found somethings out about myself, that i would never have seen in another place. I will miss it here. I have some AMAZING friends. I have some really good memories with people i am no longer close with.

New chapter in my life. And why not go to the biggest city in the US? ok I will try it. And i get to go be with the most wonderful person I have ever met. He makes my heart skip beats. Its f-ing amazing. And a new job, still doing what I love. Its all meant to be. I put it out there and the gods looked down and said "ok, this is gonna go smooth". Today I sold my car, its hard to release that hold on that last possession. The first thing I have ever paid off and really taken care of in my life. But its just a car, and I am excited about NOT having a car in a city where that is totally possible. And now we have a cash cushion to make any money blows a ton easier. I am excited. I am not sure its really hit me yet. Tomorrow is my last day at my job. A job that I have learned so much and have so many great friends. All of its hard to leave...and I don't do change so well.

It feels right though. I had applied for so many jobs and this was the one that I was most qualified for...and i got it from 4 states away. Someone has to be looking in on me.

more blogs coming from NY soon...


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