Monday, March 9, 2009


I have not been posting recently because I have been busy at work and trying to stay afloat. I have been doing some crafty things tho. And I figured I would tell you about them now. I got really excited about making the cards in my last post and I thought I could sew that on anything. So my new adventure in embroidery is to fine silly sayings in french/Italian/ Spanish and change them so they have swear words or something silly in them, and then stitch them onto a hoodie or something. So far it seems to be working out. I have "i fucking love you" in french sewn into my orange sweatshirt. in script. its pretty cute.

As far as anything much else? Not really much going on. I have had a couple friends visit in the last couple of weeks and its been really great. Being able to see Claire's face and see Angela giggle, has lifted my spirits. And as much as I have friends that live far away...I know they are only a plane ride away.

Money has been making me a little bummed. Everything seems to cost more, and I seem to have less and less money to do things with. Its depressing. We are in a bad spot here in the World, and I have a gut feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets better. I keep putting myself out for design/production freelance work. And my HP will provide for me. This I know.

Oh and I have someone in my life that makes me feel good. I have been learning a ton about what he does. I am glad I am with someone that has such passion. Its refreshing and nice. And I am happy to share with him. We went to the Roast Barista Jam on Friday and that was fun, we went to the chili cook off on Sunday - also super fun. Its nice to just have someone fun by my side. :)


ps...expect a fun post next week(with photos)...I am having a party!


caroline said...

So cute and love the photo too!!

maddie. said...

i miss you, doll. it's good to see your smiling face. my job makes me feel like i'm in a whirl pool sometimes, even though i love it. you are an inspiration to me, woman.