Wednesday, October 22, 2008

drawing & process

I have been up late nights try to get these two characters (son & father) to come to life. Drawing can be very therapeutic. I have this feeling of calmness when i am drawing. and my cat sits on my feet. It feels right. I like to play some music. It chills in the back of my head and makes me feel alive.

Since I started this blog this morning, I have got my first rough sketches approved and the client is excited. And that makes me very happy. I was worried the direction I was going in was going to be wrong. my current work has a retro feel to it and it worried me a little.

but now on to final sketches and COLOR. I am going to re-learn how to color in photo shop. we will see how that goes. I wish i had a fucking computer. this is becoming a problem now. And its time to resolve it. soon. :)

So now i should go back to work and keep doing stupid clipping paths till i cant see anymore. Sometimes work is so just a paycheck. And other times its makes me so happy. I did score a rad chair today. its baby blue and looks like it came from the mental ward.


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Loralu said...

love it, love it, LOVE it! Very retro cool. Totally works with that weird book. :)