Wednesday, October 29, 2008

and so it unfolds....

I spent last weekend drawing my heart out...not that this jpeg does it justice, but the overall product came out good. I feel stronger about my two characters and the process is becoming easier. I also am learning stuff about pencil/pen/blue pencil that i did not know. Like how it translates in photoshop and the steps i need to take to get the image ready to be colored.

I am really enjoying it. And the light table i snagged from work is helping too. I like the hard, but porous surface to draw on. Sometimes the table is not enough for the sharp line that i like from my trusty pencil. Me and pencils have a love hate relationship. I want to love and end up changing it all the time once i ink it all in. And inking is a whole other process that is frustrating. I have been using microns for awhile now. They do amazing things on tracing paper over pencil, but the cheap computer paper i have been using (horrible, i know) doesn't want to take the ink. So i end up putting a little ink and erasing the pencil and finishing the inking after. Not the best. I am looking for new pens. I wish i had the balls to use a quill. I know the India ink goes down so much better. But i need more practice with that.

So here is page two. And hopefully there should be a check in the mail soon. I am excited about this book and also excited about the money this book will provide. and getting paid every two pages is going to help, so i can purchase James's computer from him and start the color process at home. So bring on the $$$.

take care

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Loralu said...

Awesome, lady! I'm excited for you as you go through this process of figure out the drawing. I always enjoy that process. :)