Friday, October 17, 2008

getting started...again.


so this is my first blog of my new blog. wtf? I am working on having a site to put up photos of my freelance design work. And getting feedback. I am currently working on two projects and hope for more to come. my job doing production/design for the last 8+ years has been stuffing my creative side...that was patiently waiting for me. I think I have found it. (not that i don't like setting up files and putting boxes with ads in them at .378 from gutter...thanks for TP paying my bills while i can make stuff - i heart you job)

I am going to take care of it. And to start I have set up a good desk for it to be nurtured and caressed. I have moved my music over there and will be investing in some good 'stay at home headphones'. I plan on making all of my Xmas presents this year and now have a spot to do that. As well as paint....something I have been thinking about for awhile now. You know how musicians 'have to play' music to keep their souls alive...well i need to be making stuff. And seeing something accomplished...even if it blows. it feeds my soul and in turn my soul feeds me. so here is the start, of the new Kai. I am going to be writing when i can. I still am on the money trail...and buying a new computer may be in my future. Until then I will be blogging when i can. And i can on my silly blueberry phone, so that may help.

so keep your eyes peeled for new photos and new projects.
here is my short list for now:

new lip gloss recipes
more mini journals for small thoughts
an oil painting
kids books
a comic about alcoholics
light switch covers for everyone


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Loralu said...

nice! I'll follow your blog and comment if you do the same for mine. :)