Friday, October 24, 2008

ever so slightly redundent class....

So i took a screen printing "class" last night. I went into it thinking we were going to be able to make an image on a screen. I was wrong. It was all about how to do this at home. And after being in the screen printing industry for many years, this was a waste of time and money. But i did learn something i had never thought of. You can take your screens off and store them flat to be used again. I guess most of the screens i had delt with were in permanent. And you had to re-claim them to use them with new images. Which becomes more expensive because you have to buy a ton of screen printing cloth. But you can use your images again and again. I like this idea.

So I may invest in some screen printing stuff. But, it may also go to the back burner with my building-a-chair idea, that i was so hyped about last week. My head is so full of great creative things to do. And yet most of them, money is needed to get started. I did figure out that my bookshelf-chair is only gonna cost me about $100 bucks. Which is rad. And to get set up screen printing, its a little more than that. I have also been wanting to make some more stencils. The ones i did make with the fabric spray paint worked pretty good. And to set it all you have to do is dry it. I like that. Maybe i will make gifts for xmas like this. And i was at the goodwill on capital the other day and noticed they have a ton of zip up used hoodies (don't tell) and i can print on those. Most of my friends don't give a shit about used clothes. :)

Also i have been thinking about doing a comic, about people i know. I like the idea of trying to close my eyes and see people that are close to me and try to draw them in a funny way. And then put them all together. Sounds fun. I have been spending what little money i do have on art books to get better at drawing the figure, and i sure with the library had more art books. :(
They tend to be a little more expensive, so i get why they don't have them.

So with the juices flowing, i am off to learn more about how to place ads and design someone's marketing ads. blah.


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