Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wet ink.

well in the last 5 days I have created 3 more pages, of this kids book. I am spending all my weekends doing this. It felt a little funny, on Saturday night at 9pm when i am drawing. Other people are maybe out having fun and I am covered in pencil and erasing like a mad woman.

I sent off the pages to the writer of the book and he had some changes. But nothing major, and nothing that I was totally upset about. He loves the characters I have created and is already talking about another "my littlest..." book. So that means more characters. I am hoping for a little girl and dad story or... who knows. More books mean more $. Which is rad. And he is no hurry. No deadlines can make me procrastinate. And can also stop me from working so hard. So i set up my own deadline of the end of the year for all the pages in ink. And then start after the first of the year on the color. very exciting.

I am also a big supporter of all things local. Especially radio and WMSE is amazing. They are having their pledge drive to fund the station and in our screwed up economy its harder and harder for small independent radio stations to stay alive. I gave a little money, not that I have much. But i am more than willing to go without for a minute so that something as rad as this radio station can stay on the air. good stuff. so if your reading this...call them and give them money or go to the website and give them $ there.


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Loralu said...

I love the hair! Keep it up lady!

Also, maybe people were out having fun on Saturday, but you were also having fun, just a different kind. An that is something to be proud of.