Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my little dude.

Wow...what just happened last night? Was history just made? It was a big big deal. And as i sat at my drawing table, just around the corner from the TV that was on...I was getting excited. My friend from NY sent me a photo from his phone of being in Times Square and all the people. Pretty freaking amazing...

But as the TV was telling me that history was changing...I was trying to draw another page in this book that is unfolding underneath me. I have a plan now when I sit to draw, I have a system that gets the ball rolling. I was wondering if I could do this...make a couple of characters and stick with them. And every page I do I like more than the last. Which is good because I have a ton of pages to go...and as I am sure I will get stuck, I am still enjoying this very very much.

I like that I can keep a blog and post the they go. And it will soon tell a story, of how i re-learned to draw. What kind of style grabs my eye. I like retro stuff, but with an old school tattoo system of thicks and thins. I do need to figure out my pen situation. I have been using microns, but they don't go over the blue pencil very smooth. And so i end up erasing A TON! And that is just a waste of time. This is not something that I am confident in so I need to find a new pen. I have been looking for this one pen and i can only seem to find it online. So i guess that's where I am gonna have to buy it from.

Also i finally finished and bound the books for Brad & Lisa. They looked really good. I have not heard from them since I left them in their mailbox. Sure hope they got them. I spent my Saturday night doing that. But in the long run that project was so worth it. Oh and Riverwest Auto ( i re-designed the logo a while back) asked me to do a yellow pages ad and a non-xmas postcard for them. I heart Jake. He said I could put a skull and crossbones on it. And NO Christmas shit. rad. I really could not ask for a better mechanic and client. I will post that when its finished.

things are good. going on the train to NYC for thanksgiving. just to roam around. more before then i am sure.


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Loralu said...

your little dude is so cute. i'm proud of you!

and i'm proud we made history last night. O-BA-MA!